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Divine started in 1999 as an importer specializing in American wines. The vision, which we still hold on to, was that wines should reflect the place they come from and that we want to work with producers who care about both the environment and quality. We like to talk to the people who make the wines themselves, those who have their hands in the soil. Preferably organic, biodynamic and natural.

Our idea of what constitutes high quality wine can be summarized in character, personality and individuality. Drinking our wines should always be an experience. Balance and elegance are key words. Can a really concentrated wine with alcohol above 14% be elegant? Of course it can. We believe that all different styles should be allowed to exist; it becomes so much more exciting.

American wines together with France, Spain, Italy, Austria, New Zealand, Australia and South Africa. Portugal and Argentina.

New or old world doesn't matter to us. Passion and vision are what matters. We don't mind if a winemaker only produces a few hundred cases. This is what makes life exciting, always being open to new, dedicated, passionate growers who want to go the extra mile, who make your taste buds dance with happiness.

We are keen to find out how our producers deal with nature and the environment whether they are certified or not. We have the whole spectrum of organic and biodynamic farming methods represented with us; Napa Green, agriculture raissonnée, sustainable growing, Lodi Rules, biodynamic, organic, natural wines... This is really a jungle but the important thing is what is actually done and not which organization you belong to.

Wine is our passion and we are happy to share it.


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